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(-)Carbon Atom is most lethal killer of Bacteria, Fungi, Virus or Small Insects known to mankind! Atom- on Atom
Picocides control all Bacteria, Fungi, Virus or Small Insects

Thomas Cardinal Wolsey 1471-1530 Said! “Be very, very careful what you put in that head, because you will never, ever get it out.

The Electric Charge(q)-Coulombs{C} or e=0.000000000000000000016C also 1.6x10-19C is where the atom gets its electro mechanical work for performance.
Each Carbanion has 2 charged -electrons and 6 no charge -electrons cancelled out by the 6 postive +protons in the atoms! 32 oz of electons is 56,840,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 2 septillion atoms, than you get big bang!

New Basis of Technology" For Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals and Cleaning Products
You might never see this technology for 20 years from Agrichem or ever from Pharma!

"Required Watching Videos" that can help you understanding how small atoms and molecules are!

Houston We have a problem,
100 years of EPA and the current status of crops soils, You are what you eat!

The EPA’s motto, Protecting Human Health & the Environment, has no force of law.
From: "XXXXXXXX@epa.gov> To: Don Wilshe donwilshe@biobased.us
Date: January 25, 2018 at 4:46:29 PM EST

Subject: RE: Thanks for a great response. Thank you for your follow-up comments.

As I am sure you understand, the EPA’s motto, Protecting Human Health & the Environment, has no force of law, and it is not a general warrant to do whatever we want in pursuit of that goal. As I mentioned previously, EPA has very specifically enumerated duties under various federal laws, so it is helpful if we can focus your request on a specific issue (such as pesticide registration) rather than the general concept of environmental protection.

The EPA does not host general presentations on scientific issues, and we also do not have a mandate to eliminate pesticides; quite the opposite, in fact. Under FIFRA, the Office of Pesticide Programs acts as the gateway to the marketplace for pesticide products that pass our safety reviews. Pesticides that do not pass our reviews are not granted registrations. Once a registration is granted, the registration remains active as long as maintenance fees are paid and the products successfully pass our periodic registration reviews.

With that in mind, the report you attached entitled Evaluation of Soysoap Formula S-101 and S-102 For Activity Against Gram-Positive Plant Pathogenic Bacteria appears to be a sort of antimicrobial efficacy test for two products. It is unclear if the tests were conducted consistent with EPA guidelines for antimicrobial efficacy testing, but in any case, if you wish to apply for registrations for these products, you would need to read and follow the instructions in the Pesticide Registration Manual that Ms. Finn provided to you earlier. As a regulatory agency, the EPA does not involve itself in research and development efforts, but if you submit completed applications as described in the Manual, we will process them appropriately. I hope you find this information useful.

EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs “Protecting Human Health & the Environment”

Chemical Pesticides destroyed the Land in the USA, Never Ever Be For Organic Farming, Must See, Here Are Some Toxic Soil Samples


Their is no pesticide more powerful than and Atom on Atom, They kills bacteria, fungi, Virus or Small insects
Patent 1: Does Is aCarbanion Mammal Lungs "Covid19 Treatment and Viral Control", Lungs Fungi, Bacteria, Virus Insect Control
banion Mammal Skin Fungi, Bacteria, Virus, Insect Control

Patent 2: Carbanion Agriculture Protection of Fungi, Bacteria, Insects Control, Soil Remediation, Increase MicroSiements, Fertilizer Recovery, Crop Production, Translocation, ERGS, Chlorophyll and over 60 benefits to reduce input costs

Patent 3: Carbanion Cleaning Products over 100+ and Chemical Replacement

A 668-9-12 Atom "Octet-12-duodectet Negative Energy Carbon is Physical Chemistry or Picotechnlogy 1000 times smaller than Nano"
  • 1. Further, pico products comprising the carbanions will have the following characteristics:
  • 2. No harm to air (no GWC, ODC, VOHAP, or VOC) soils or waters.
  • 3. Not be made of organic chemistry, graphene or nanotechnology, just single atom of physical chemistry
  • 4. Goals are OTC product.
  • 5. It must be made of atomic elements and not molecules.
  • 6. Must be able to kill all pests, be it bacteria, fungi, viruses, and insects.
  • 7. Must be able to deep clean and grow skin and heal wounds just days not weeks
  • 8. Must be able to penetrate the shields of all pests.
  • 8. Must be approved at the State and or Federal FDA or better be exempt.
  • 10. Must be safe for humans, bees, birds, and animals
  • 11. Zero side effects.
  • 12. Must be made of 100% new organic carbon.
  • 13. No Chemicals
  • 14. No Biologicals
  • 15. No Nanotechnology
  • 16. No Graphene
  • 17. No Molecules
  • 18. Eliminate Sickness
  • 19. No Emissions
  • 20. No MFG Emissions

  • Below is our solution today!

    Future products in R&D now are picotechnology with matter manipulation at attotechnology 1,000,000 smaller than picotechnology! We perform matter manipulation using temperature or pressure for Carbon Atom modification to become carbanion! Electron addition can be 8-octet, 9-nonet, 10-dectet, 11-undectet, 12-duodectet. And so many more products for Medical!

    Lets Understand Picotechnolgy been around since day 1 of the earth and never taught in any college, Why Money!
    Carbon-of-CO2-life-for-plants, CO2 $11 Trillion More for Farmers!
    American Journal of Experimental Agriculture Ramesh Ravella Sweet Sorghum 1312015AJEA23608 Biofuel Feedstock Cut fertilizer by 50% increase crop production!
    International Journal of Renewable Energy and Biofuels Ramesh Ravella Canola Bio-Material Analyses of Two Canola Cultivars Cut fertilizer by 50% increase crop production!
    Chemical Pesticides Can Be Eliminated From The World

    Achievements: Carbanion for Agriculture!

    1 JOURNAL PAPERS: 1 FERTILIZER: 50% Less Fertilizer On Sweet Sorghum Gets More Production Biofuel Feedstock Trails.
    1 JOURNAL PAPERS: 2 FERTILIZER: 50% Less Fertilizer On Canola Gets More Production, Bio-Material Analyses of Two Canola Cultivars.
    3 SOIL REMEDIATION: Soil Remediation Unlocking Mineral For Plants
    4 TILLERING: Crop Tillering when you get deeper and wider rooting, plus translocation nutrients into Plants
    5 Cabanion Replaces-all-Bactericidies Bacteria's
    6 Cabanion Replaces-all-FungicidesFungi's
    7 Cabanion Replaces-all-InsecticidesInsect's
    8) Cabanion Replaces-all-ViricidesVirus's
    9) Cabanion Replaces-all-Biopesticide
    10 PESTICIDE: Gross Wilt, Alfala Wilt and Tomato Canker Control at 16,000 (H2O) to 1 Part Carbanion
    11 VIETNAM: Governemnt MARD & Tien Giang R&D 3 year study: No blight blast or shealth and 2MT More Hectare, Even on 4 PH soils
    12 CARBANION TRAILS: Never Lost a Soybeans Trail to the big Agrichem companies in 3 years
    13 MICROSEIMENS: measure loosening liquids, saps or soils for plant efficency
    14 BRIX/CO2: Increasing Brix Levels and CO2 33% and Improves Plant Defense
    15 TRANSLOCATION: More nutrients into crops post harvest results, Chose Carbarion!
    16 CHLOROPHYLL: reduce extra fertilizer expense!
    17 WIND DAMAGE: Nearly Wind Resistant Corn, Tobacco and Oats
    18 FERTILIZER: Carbanion has finally delivered the "Missing Link", We have been looking for it 40 years!
    19 FROST PROTECTION: Farmers have Frost protection in Michigan, Kentucky and Florida. The crops are Tobacco, Onions, Apples, Corn, Tomatoes and Soybeans
    20 DROUGHT: Farming without rain, but dew so lower the surface tension on the leaves
    21 NEMACIDES: Nemacide Product Developmen phase 1 complete 100% kill in laboratory
    22 SOIL ENERGY: ERGs is about increaseing nutrients rates into plants
    23 CHEMICAL DAMAGE: Reversal Is Nothing New For Carbanion
    24 TRAILS: We have never lost an AG trial with Farmers, Universities, Associations or Goverments
    25 BECKS SEED: Soybeans Trails 88.8 Bushels Unauthorized!
    26 DEATH: Death By Agriculture
    27 DEATH: Death-By-Fertilizer
    Now lets see what you can do with Picotechnology or Physical Chemistry!
    Primary Benefits of PicoAg
    #1 PicoAg State of Florida approved for Soil and Ground Water Remediation
    #2 PicoAg is Physical Chemistry At 600 Picometers or 2 Atoms Size.
    #3 PicoAg Beta Analytic Tests Product For Biobased Content 89%.
    #4 PicoAg The Ingredients are: EAFUS: A Food Additives
    #5 PicoAg Midwest Laboratory no hazardous Canadian Heavy 11 Metal
    #6 PicoAg Particle size provides trans-location and remediation.
    #7 PicoAg Restructures Water and Spray Rig Pressure Drops by 19%
    #8 PicoAg Increased Brix Levels 100% to 200%
    #9 PicoAg Electrical Conductivity (EC ) (Microsiemens)
    #10 PicoAg "Increasing Carbon Dioxide Consumption"
    #11 PicoAg "Increasing ERGS by 2000%
    #12 PicoAg Plant Tissue Analysis Increased Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Oats Alfalfa!
    #13 PicoAg Spray Rig Cleaning Benefit
    #14 PicoAg Wind Resistance Benefit
    #15 PicoAg Late Planting Benefits
    #16 Frost Resistance
    #17 PicoAg Increased 269% Brix in Macadamia Benefit
    #18 PicoAg Crop Production Factors, Their are 141 reasons!
    #19 PicoAg tested PicoAg doesn't effect good bacteria
    #20 PicoAg can achieve "Increasing Carbon Dioxide Consumption"
    #21 PicoAg Used as Seed Wash, Germ Test 85% Untreated to 98% Treated!
    #22 Tank Mixing, Water Restructuring, Lower Dynes from 70 to 30!
    #23 PicoAg Panama approved for both Organic Fertilizer & Organic Pesticide

    Secondary Benefits of PicoAg
    #24 No health hazards signage to workers, customers, or owners because of PicoAg.
    #25 No warnings signs anymore posted to protect customers or workers when spray ing or applying because of PicoAg.
    #26 No concerns of toxic chemical sprays drifting into neighborhoods or runoff into water or air supply because of PicoAg.
    #27 No concern over issues associated with registered pesticides when spraying because of PicoAg.
    #28 No protected storage area or special handling of dangerous chemicals required because of PicoAg.
    #29 No special handling, transportation or equipment required compared with toxic chemicals because of PicoAg.
    #30 No threat or concern over fees and fines levied by OSHA guidelines because of PicoAg.
    #31 No threats of violating "toxic chemical label laws" for applying more or the wrong Pesticide than direct by poisonous product instructions because of PicoAg.
    #32 No more hazardous waste disposal requirements to follow because of PicoAg.
    #33 No workmen's compensation claims or lawsuits from customers or workers claiming insecticide exposure because of PicoAg.
    #34 No workers compensation fees charged to your business category after receiving a waiver for reducing or eliminating pesticides and toxic cleaners because of PicoAg.
    #35 No more liability for pollution mitigated for land sales, no cleanup of pesticides because of PicoAg.
    #36 No more closing because of spraying as now you have a zero re-entry time product because of PicoAg.
    #37 No additional labor or costs required for associated spraying and handling because of PicoAg.
    #38 Provides a "poison-free" working environment by replacing dangerous fungicides and Insecticides, in multiple forms, plus degreaser, toxic detergents, numerous cleaners and solvents because of PicoAg.
    #39 Self-cleans equipment applicators and reduces equipment maintenance costs because of PicoAg.
    #40 Reduces pesticide and chemical costs by up to 75% because of PicoAg.
    #41 Enhances plant root growth and nourishment by breaking the surface tension of water for deeper and more rapid soil penetration because of PicoAg.
    #42 Increases product yields from 105% to 300%. Product appears to strengthen plant, which provides stronger blooms and increases systemic acquired resistance, defending plants from insects and fungus because of PicoAg.
    #43 Has increased plant growth by 10% to 300% over a 3-month period of time for starter plants because of PicoAg.
    #44 Product has saved $3,000 to $5,000 annually by reducing discarded plants on a nursery because of PicoAg.
    #45 Nontoxic product can be recommended and sold to customers and other growers because of PicoAg.
    #46 Provides an increased peace of mind about crop success and non-poisonous operations at reduced costs because of PicoAg.
    #47 Faster crop production more turnover of crops in fields and greenhouses We are looking at 15% increase in greenhouses and possibly a 100% increase in annual field production by growing an extra crop per annum because of PicoAg.
    #48 Faster crops means less borrowing costs on crop loans because of PicoAg
    #49 One can alternate, rotate or mix of PicoAg with chemicals to lower costs and reduce environmental pollution and worker safety because of PicoAg.
    #50 Farmer workers can use the product for washing hands, cleaning tools therefore not spreading diseases from plant to plant or tree to tree or human to customer because of PicoAg.
    #51 120 day Rice Crops grown in 100 days with up to 45% yield increase, 120 Day Onion Crop grown in 90 days with 30% more production because of PicoAg.
    #52 Quality of grains and nutrients of crops grown increased by because of PicoAg .
    #53 Plum Harvest rejection rate was decreased using PicoAg from 65% to only 35%. The quality of fruit and skin now meet the shipping standards because of PicoAg.
    #54 Product is made from 100% US GOV Food and Drug Administration (FDA) EAFUS food additives. The product is defined as food by FDA because of PicoAg.
    #55 PicoAg improves the plants electro mechanical function, which enables cells to communicate more efficiently and be more productive because of PicoAg.
    #56 Increases plant Brix/Sugar levels by up to 100% has been recorded because of PicoAg .
    #57 Can be used to supply nutrients to seeds which encourage germination and vigorous growth because of PicoAg.
    #58 Plants sprayed with PicoAg reduce CO2 from the atmosphere by up to 33% by increasing plant sugar levels in the photosynthesis process because of PicoAg.
    #59 Potential benefits could be claimed carbon credits will help reduce price of PicoAg (TM) in the future because of PicoAg.
    #60 Nontoxic, Non-Hazardous, Cost Effective, and Humanly Safe because of PicoAg!
    #61 Reduces Hunger, Starvation and Poverty with increased Production because of PicoAg.
    World Health Research Association

    Here is an exercise in medical treatments of for disease for all lung, skin disesaes and people in the world.
    1). We have a registered patent "COVID19 TREATMENT"
    2). We dont use Chemicals, Molecules just Atoms!
    3). We only use physical chemistry or Atoms and sub atomic particles.
    4). Using same atoms that make up 50% of our body
    5). No side effects
    6). Zero Emissons in Mfg or use!
    7). This has been field tested and controls COV19 TREATMENT in 3 days with 3 treatments of 6 drops per day at our mfg cost
    8). We apply with a nebulizer based product 2 medical drops to an ounce of water 3 times a day
    9). 1 drop has 5 sextillon atoms, just keep that in mind.
    10). 1 ounce makes 353 medical drops
    11). 353 drops x 128 oz or gallon = 45184 Drops
    12). 45184 x 275 gallons 12,425,600 Drops
    13). 12,425,800/18 Treatments for 690332 doses of 9 treatments of 90 Sextillion spread over 3 days 3 times a day

    How Small are Molecules 3 atoms of Picotechnology! 4oz will make a wall around the USA 1.35 miles high!

    Please Watch the video

    Glass Jar of Carbanions 32 oz, that is about 56,840,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 septillion atoms

    Atoms Single, Pairs and Chains

    This is a Carbanion

    Energy Based Agriculture

    Page 1 of 3 Physical Chemistry

    Page 2 of 3 Physical Chemistry

    Page 3 of 3 Physical Chemistry

    Atom Particle Size Test Less than 1 nanometer

    Another Atom Particle Size Test Less than 1 nanometer

    PicoMed Canadian 11 Heavy Metal Testing - None

    Just 3 elements Zinc, Carbon and Nitrogen

    Analysis shows PicoMed or PicoAg 100% Organic Matter

    5 Sextillion Atoms Per Medical Drop-1

    5 Sextillion Atoms Per Medical Drop-2

    5 Sextillion Atoms Per Medical Drop-3

    The USDA Tested our product it was 89% New Carbon">

    Humans or Plants same mineral content 85% carbon 1

    Humans or Plants same mineral content 85% carbon 2

    Humans or Plants same mineral content 85% carbon 3

    Humans or Plants same mineral content 85% carbon 4

    Humans or Plants same mineral content 85% carbon 5

    Humans or Plants same mineral content 85% carbon 6

    Humans or Plants same mineral content 85% carbon 7

    Green and very alive Aphids before PicoAg, Membrane full of liquid

    Day Later, Brown, Very dead aphids after PicoAg, Membrane empty of liquid

    www.biobased.us/products.html 5000 products can be made from a single atom!
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    World Health Research Association